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A New Way Of Living

A new way of living Join interesting people in interesting places - for a week or a lifetime. Roam is a network of global coliving spaces that provide everything you need to feel at home and be productive the moment you arrive. Strong, battle-tested wifi, a coworking space, chef’s kitchen and a diverse community. Comfort Learn by living somewhere different. Enjoy privacy and comfort. Every room has its own private bathroom, is fully furnished with a queen or king-sized bed, and even includes cleaning services for your sheets and towels. It’s everything you need to feel right at home. Community Find supportive and friendly faces wherever you are. Show up and find community anywhere. Each Roam location is much bigger...

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The story behind Wave Essentials

Characterized by Adriana & Monica's need for alternative travel and lifestyle, Wave Essentials fuse the ease and nomadic style of a gypsy with the sophistication and global reference of the jet set. Wave Essentials customers are modern entrepreneurs, beach lovers, travel lovers, gypsets, nomads who embrace the unconventional and wanderlust, living a high-low freelance approach to life, playing and working from boats in bohemian enclaves such as Ibiza and Kenya, Mykonos, St Tropez, or catching a wave in Nicaragua and Montauk.Running after the best sunset locations around the world such as in Ipanema beach in Rio, Key West, Maldives, Queensland.Some of us are able to create the freedom to move around to different cultures slowly, immersing ourselves into them completely....

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